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Design and Tool Making

At GMS we have an in house tool making/ tool refurbishment department allowing us to ensure that the highest quality rubber and plastic moulds are produced at all times. We use with both 2D and 3D CAD files, as well as conventional drawings or samples which means that we can quickly provide quotations and tooling without needing to engage third parties and so maintain total control and responsibility for your components from initial contact to finished parts.

Our design service will suggest cost saving ideas if appropriate or undertake the design of functional components to meet your requirements including material specification and prototypes. The main factors that contribute to the overall cost are type of material used, number of cavities in the mould, cycle time and any manual operation that is needed.

GMS are able to advise or quote on both new or existing projects, our in house tool making capability equipped with modern CNC machinery and CAD/CAM systems mean that we can offer rapid and cost effective tooling solutions, whether for new moulds or the refurbishment/conversion of existing tooling.

Key factors to consider at the design stage include:-

  • What will the part be used for?
  • What quantity is required? How often?
  • What products will come into contact with the part? (eg. Chemicals, Oils, Gases, Cleaning agents, etc)
  • Will the part be subjected to very high or low temperatures? (if so, intermittently or continuously)
  • What colour(s) are preferred?
  • What are the cost implications?

Tool making department

Producing the moulds

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